Course: MPS Practicum

My Role: UX Researcher & Product Designer

Team Members: Ally Yuan, Chloe Wang, Grace Song, Michael Huang, Yiwei Sun

Project Overview: The Problem

This semester, our team was tasked with designing an application to enhance the note-taking and studying experience for students. Our clients’ idea for the application, Notewardy, was a tool that would enhance these experiences by using optical character recognition (OCR) technology to simplify the note-taking process, and spaced repetition methods to improve studying. …

Course: INFO 4420 HCI Studio

My Role: Product Designer

Team Members: Colton Zuvich & Mengxue Wang


Finding a health insurance plan can be a time-consuming, confusing, and a potentially expensive process since insurance companies do not readily advertise quotes without exchanging one’s contact information. Moreover, finding a plan is only the beginning and many younger patients lack the necessary knowledge to make health-related decisions, especially as it applies to their health insurance plan. In this paper we present Edusure, a digital platform which helps recent graduates learn about the intricacies of health insurance as well as connect them to a…

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Course: INFO 5100 Visual Data Analytics for the Web

My Roles: Coding, Data Retrieval, JSON File Creation

Team Members: Grace Song, Jerry Xu, Zhongkai Liu

The goal of this project was to create a non-interactive data visualization using d3.js to understand and analyze a large dataset of our choosing. We decided to analyze Cornell’s postgraduate survey results, focusing on the Information Science undergraduate, Information Science graduate, Computer Science undergraduate, and Computer Science graduate students.

Description of the Data

The data used for this project was pulled from the postgraduate survey page of the Cornell University Career Services website. The available filters on ‘Year of…

Course: MPS Practicum

Team Members: Grace Song, Billie Sun, Alvin Yin, Mengxue Wang

My Role: UX Designer, UX Researcher

Our client is Dr. Norman Porticella of the Department of Communication at Cornell University. Dr. Porticella has a passion for increasing science literacy in the local Ithaca community and wanted to provide the community with STEM resources and grant information. He has an off-site web development team that created a temporary website, but wanted a new website design to attract the community to use his resource.

For the semester-long project, we were tasked with creating a website design that will allow…

Course: INFO 4340 UX and Software Development Studio

My Roles: Web Developer, UX Researcher

Team Members: Grace Song, Isabelle De Brabanter, Jeffrey Tsang, Jungwon Shin, Priya Kankanhalli, Angela Zheng

The goal of this project was to create a general tracking progressive web app.

Target Audience

Because a general tracking app involves a broad range of user, we decided to identify three general audiences that may benefit most from a new tracking app to narrow the scope of the project. The audiences are:

● People who want to track academic tasks

● People who want to track spending

● People who want to…

Course: INFO 4400 Advanced HCI

My Role: UX Researcher, UX Designer

Design Tools Used: Sketch, Invision

Team Members: Grace Song, Ezra Truneh, Ryan Curtis, Shauna Cheatham

Course: INFO 3450 HCI

My Role: UX Researcher, UX Designer

Design Tools Used: Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision

Team Members: Grace Song, Cordelia Jin, Natalie Fung, Rebecca North, Ryan Curtis

Course: INFO 2300 Intermediate Design and Programming for the Web

My Role: Web Programmer & Designer

Team Members: Grace Song, Paula Paddack, William Michel, David Ticzon

Our client is Tom Dilliplane of Cayuga Strength and Conditioning. Tom wants a website primarily to display content pertaining to the operation and accessibility of his business. He did not have a website before, so he asked us to construct a website that will help with business exposure.

Additionally, Tom specified three specific needs for the website:

  1. Display information about his gym operation and purpose
  2. Use website to promote his business
  3. Emphasize his business…

Miyake’s Original Website from 2017

Course: INFO 1300 Introductory Design and Programming for the Web

My Role: Web Programmer & Designer

Team Members: Grace Song, Daniel Kim, Lolia Briggs, Logan Kahle

Miyake is a Japanese cuisine restaurant in the heart of Cornell University’s Collegetown in Ithaca, NY. While they have a website, it is unintuitive and sometimes confusing to find information about the restaurant. Miyake wants a website that will enable audiences to see what food it offers, the deals that it has, and make it all easy to find.

The goals of our website will be to:

  • Present what Miyake has to offer in…

I interviewed 10 people regarding their usage of Venmo and what they did not like about the app. The most common feedback I received is how you cannot undo a payment once a payment has been made. For example, on Amazon, if you accidentally ordered a product, you can cancel the product before it has been fully processed. You cannot cancel a payment or request unless the other person responds decline or accept on Venmo. This is poor user experience because it is inconvenient for users who frequently send payments of the wrong amount or by mistake.

When I accidentally…

Grace Song

Cornell ’19 | Cornell Computing and Information Science ‘20

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