Miyake Website Redesign

Miyake’s Original Website from 2017

Course: INFO 1300 Introductory Design and Programming for the Web

My Role: Web Programmer & Designer

Team Members: Grace Song, Daniel Kim, Lolia Briggs, Logan Kahle

Miyake is a Japanese cuisine restaurant in the heart of Cornell University’s Collegetown in Ithaca, NY. While they have a website, it is unintuitive and sometimes confusing to find information about the restaurant. Miyake wants a website that will enable audiences to see what food it offers, the deals that it has, and make it all easy to find.

The goals of our website will be to:

Target Audience

Before starting our initial sketches, we identified the target audience of Miyake’s updated website as college students or people in the Collegetown area that is looking to find asian food, especially sushi. We conducted user interviews and found that users would use the website in these scenarios:

Here are the personas we created based on our user research.

Ideation and User Testing

Our preliminary sketches

With our preliminary sketches, we performed user tests with task-oriented testing protocol. We learned that though our website was fairly easy to navigate, the content of each page was confusing to look for. The users also pointed out that some of the titles for the navigation bar were either unexpected or unfamiliar to the users.

Based on their feedback, we decided to implement some changes to our website:

Final sketches based on user feedback

Final Website Layout and Design

Website created using: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP

Access to website code: https://github.com/gs488

Home Page

Our History Page

Menu Page

Deals Page

Photo Gallery Page

FAQ Page

Feedback Page

Cornell ’19 | Cornell Computing and Information Science ‘20